A Project of APPA: The Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association Inc.

APPA – Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association Inc.

700 hectares of open space around the City of Adelaide, South Australia: that’s pretty special. Adelaide is the ONLY city in the world surrounded by Park Lands.

Do people appreciate it? Does Adelaide really know what it has?

Wetlands, public art, socialising, bird life, sports grounds, playgrounds, bicycle and walking trails, horses, olive groves, bushland, horticulture, areas for contemplation, cultural festivals: all these and more safeguarded for the people; valuable heritage, a valuable future.

Since 1987, APPA has led the effort to preserve, protect and restore Adelaide’s irreplaceable garland of Park Lands.

APPA is a non-profit community based ‘watchdog’ to guard Adelaide’s greatest treasure: the unique open spaces of its Park Lands, which include the city squares.

Including the biennial Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize, APPA leads various ongoing activities designed to focus community attention on, and raise awareness of the rarity, beauty and world importance of the Adelaide Park Lands.

APPA offers a focal point for South Australians to help in the preservation and restoration of Colonel William Light’s visionary gift in city planning.

Historically, the Park Lands have been an irresistible temptation to our city and state governments, which have, in places, alienated and despoiled the land, issues which have been contested since 1837, and they remain so today despite the Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005 and our proudest achievement, securing National Heritage listing in 2008.

APPA monitors government planning and actions and does not hesitate to speak out on behalf of all South Australians when the Park Lands are at risk.

For more information about APPA or to become a member, go to  APPA website

Map of the Adelaide Park Lands Area

Banner Images Above – Credits

From left to right:

Joe Helmore Nantu Wama Park Six (detail) 111 x 152 cm, Oil and aerosol spray on canvas
Christine McCarthy Saturday in the Park II (detail) 71 x 89 cm, Hand coloured lino print
Leah Jeffries Botanic Park Pines (detail) 107 x 176 cm, Mixed media on paper
Andrew Stattmann Reflections on Riding the Linear Park, 98 x 69 cm, Ink, gesso and acrylic paint
Susan Bruce Textures of the Park (detail) 50 x 60 x 9 cm, Paper (books, newspapers and magazines), PVA, ink and watercolour

All images were cropped, reduced and respectfully adjusted for display on this website.


Sponsored Prizes:

APPA Young Artist Prize

Royal Adelaide Show People’s Choice Prize

Hero Weston Award Recognising a Promising Young Artist

The Graham F Smith Peace Foundation Prize for Inspiring Environmental Debate

St Peters College Commendation Prize



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