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Conditions of Entry

Last Changed: February 19th, 2020

The entry conditions set out below thoroughly cover all aspects for the Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize. While seemingly complex, they also contain information you will need to know. PLEASE READ THEM ALL CAREFULLY – If you don’t understand something, please feel free to contact us: CONTACTS


The Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize

Awarded by the Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association, Inc. (APPA).

  1. The Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize (the APL Art Prize) is awarded by the Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association, Inc. (APPA). All artists are encouraged to enter including international artists. Members of APPA committee or sub-committees, and people involved with the administration or judging of the APL Art Prize are not eligible to enter.
  2. The theme for the APL Art Prize is about artists making a statement or capturing the essence of the Adelaide Park Lands.
  3. Entries shall be emailed to website or posted. Email shall include a digital file with ONE high quality image of the artwork (max size 5MB), able to be printed to A4 size. Postal entries shall include a CD containing ONE high quality colour image of the artwork. Accompanying this there must be a completed and signed Entry Form and a non-refundable Entry Fee of $50.00.
  4. Multiple entries must each have a separate Entry Form and Entry Fee. For more details and methods of payment see Entry Form.
  5. Entries must be delivered no later than 8 pm on 31 January 2020  either on line or posted to addresses as specified on ENTRY FORM. Entries may be delivered at any time before the date above.
  6. More than one artwork may be submitted. Each artwork submitted shall be accompanied by a separate Entry Form and a separate Entry Fee.
  7. Collaborating or contributing artists. Artworks may be made by more than one artist. Additional names can be provided on the ENTRY FORM.  All correspondence will only be directed to the first artist named on the ENTRY FORM.  Any prize moneys will be paid by cheque to the name of the first artist only. Division of prize moneys is the responsibility of the contact artist.
  8. Previous entries: Artwork that has been a previous finalist or winner of any prize in the APL Art Prize is not eligible to enter. Previous artwork that was entered but not selected as a finalist is eligible to enter.
  9. Size: Nominally 2-dimensional artworks shall not exceed 1.8 m x 1.8 m, including frame. Artworks must be supplied ready for hanging or installation. The Gallery uses a hanging wires system.
  10. Size: 3-dimensional artworks must be self supporting. They cannot be hung from the ceiling or screwed to a wall. 3-dimensional artworks must fit through a standard door when assembled (0.8 m x 2.0 m). No dimension shall be more than 1.8 m., including any supports or ancillary equipment if supplied. APPA or the Venue Manager may supply or arrange display furniture at their discretion. Large or unstable 3-dimensional works may be rejected by the venue as being unsuitable even if selected as a finalist. 
  11. Media: Artworks in most forms of media are eligible: painting, drawing, prints, photographs, sculpture, 3-dimensional multimedia and digital. While some TV screens may be supplied by the Gallery, any work requiring an electronic display must be formatted ready to display but may require the artist to supply their own display equipment and comprehensive instructions for setup.
  12. Incomplete entries or entries that do not conform to requirements given here will not be eligible. APPA will endeavour to contact the artist in this case but cannot guarantee to do so. Entry fee is not refundable.
  13. Identification: APPA will assign an identifying number to each digital image as it is received. Artwork, until the end of the judging process will be identified by this number only. Artists may sign artwork if desired and signature may be covered for the judging process if deemed necessary.
  14. Finalists’ works will be selected by the judges from the digital image provided and each finalist will be notified accordingly. The selection process will be at the sole discretion of the judges. Finalists’ works will be displayed at the exhibition. The manner of exhibiting artworks shall be at the sole discretion of APPA and the Venue Manager.
  15. Judging: The entries will be judged solely on their artistic merit. The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  16. Delivery: Finalists’ artworks shall be delivered in person or sent by courier to Adelaide Festival Centre at the artist’s expense and shall be free of all charges. Delivery will be in March 2020 on a date to be advised. APPA will not pay any expenses for artwork delivery or return. Finalists will be advised about delivery and collection dates and these must arrive on the dates and between the times specified in the notification. All work submitted shall be as represented in the image initially provided by the artist. If the work differs from the image or exceeds the size limits, the work will be ineligible for display or further judging. Delivery Details will be included with Notice to Finalists.

  17. Packaging: All finalists’ work delivered by courier or collected in person must be in a suitable container identified by the artist’s name, title of work and identification number as advised (box, crate, strong envelope as appropriate) for re-packing by APPA/Venue Manager and for collection and return by courier. Container must be clearly marked with return address and payment arrangements.
  18. Loss or damage of works in transit: APPA will not be responsible for any loss or damage of works in transit. Artists are advised to arrange suitable insurance for transit. Works that arrive damaged will not be displayed or judged further and the artist notified accordingly.
  19. Insurance: Venue Manager will insure all works while in its custody. This will be to the value of the sale price stated in the Entry Form less commission (artist price). Venue Manager will not be responsible for uninsured loss or for loss or damage exceeding the insured amount. APPA/Venue Manager will not insure goods in transit.
  20. Exhibition of finalists’ art works will be held at the Adelaide Festival Centre, King William Street, Adelaide. Dates and times when the exhibition will be open are shown on KEY DATES.
  21. All works for sale: The artist agrees that all works exhibited shall be for sale and will be available for display during exhibition opening times. Artworks will be available for sale at the opening ceremony and announcement of winners at the exhibition of finalists, but not before. The sale price indicated on the Entry Form shall apply and shall remain fixed for the duration of the exhibition unless negotiated in writing between the artist and APPA. Artworks entered as a series of panels or objects will be sold as an entire work. APPA will charge 30% commission on all sales, which will be deducted from the indicated price. Any arrangement that an artist may have with a commercial gallery or the like will have no effect on this agreement and is entirely a matter between the artist and commercial gallery or school in question. If selected as a finalist, an artist’s agent will be acknowledged alongside display of the work in exhibition. APPA/Venue Manager will not enter into discussion or agreement other than with the artist.
  22. Purchase of Artworks: The purchase of any artwork shall be confirmed only by payment in full or a deposit of 20% of the sale price. In the case of a deposit having been paid and the respective purchase being cancelled, APPA will retain 30% of the deposit. Payment in full will be made not later than collection of the artwork by the purchaser. APPA will not accept periodic payments.
  23. Suitability of materials: The artist warrants that the materials used for the artwork are suitable for their purpose. Any dispute regarding suitability of materials after an artwork is sold is between the buyer and the artist. Any commission already paid to APPA is not refundable.
  24. The prize winners except the Royal Adelaide Show People’s Choice Prize will be announced at the exhibition opening. The People’s Choice Prize winner will be announced at the end of the exhibition.
  25. All works must be available for the duration of the exhibition. At the end of the exhibition the artist (or purchaser if applicable) must arrange for the collection of the work from the Venue at the artist’s or purchaser’s expense. Works must be collected from the Venue on the dates and at the times stated in KEY DATES. Collection Details will be given on Notice to Finalists.
  26. Any works not collected within the time stated will be dealt with in accordance with the Unclaimed Goods Act 187 (SA).
  27. Reproduction: By entering, the artist consents to images of their work being reproduced and their biographical information and/or photograph being used by APPA/Venue Manager without additional compensation for the purpose of advertising or promoting the APL Art prize and the Venue.
  28. Copyright: The artist warrants that the work entered is original, is the property of the artist and does not infringe any third party rights. The artist shall, at any time requested by APPA/Venue Manager, execute such documents and do such acts as may be reasonably required to perfect the rights granted to them by these Conditions. The artist agrees to indemnify and hold harmless APPA/Venue Manager and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, from any liability or damages of any kind, including legal fees or costs, resulting from any claim of infringement or other proprietary right of any person or entity.
  29. Confidentiality: APPA is the sole owner of the information collected from the entry forms and any other information submitted. APPA will not sell, share or rent this information to any third party, except as above.

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APPA – The Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association, Inc. ABN: 19 706 384 386 PO Box 4053, Norwood, SA 5067 
Venue Manager – The Adelaide Festival Centre Trust: ABN 90 940 440 425; GPO Box 1269, Adelaide 5001
Venue – Adelaide Festival Centre, Festival Theatre Foyer Galleries, King William Road, Adelaide 5000

Banner Images Above – Credits

From left to right:

Joe Helmore Nantu Wama Park Six (detail) 111 x 152 cm, Oil and aerosol spray on canvas
Christine McCarthy Saturday in the Park II (detail) 71 x 89 cm, Hand coloured lino print
Leah Jeffries Botanic Park Pines (detail) 107 x 176 cm, Mixed media on paper
Andrew Stattmann Reflections on Riding the Linear Park, 98 x 69 cm, Ink, gesso and acrylic paint
Susan Bruce Textures of the Park (detail) 50 x 60 x 9 cm, Paper (books, newspapers and magazines), PVA, ink and watercolour

All images were cropped, reduced and respectfully adjusted for display on this website.


Sponsored Prizes:

APPA Young Artist Prize

Royal Adelaide Show People’s Choice Prize

Hero Weston Award Recognising a Promising Young Artist

The Graham F Smith Peace Foundation Prize for Inspiring Environmental Debate

St Peters College Commendation Prize



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